PERFIMUR S.A. is a company working in the iron and steel sector from more than 20 years, manufacturing and selling rolled steel channel, C and Z shaped sections, for iron structures, corrugated sheet (galvanised and pre-lacquered) for covers and walls, and structures for fake plaster roofs and ornaments.

PERFIMUR S.A. is located in the industrial area of Los Pinos, in Las Torres de Cotillas (Murica). With its more than 18.000 m2 facilities it is today one of the leader companies in the region regarding the rolled steels and walls market. That is due to the quality, accuracy and competitiveness of its products, all of them used in construction (overall for industrial warehouses, commercial premises and housings) at an industrial level.

During its large experience, PERFIMUR S.A. and technologic development have always gone hand in hand. It has adapted cutting-edge technologies in order to offer a better product according to client´s needs.

In 1988 the company started its first production line, dedicated to steel sections, which allowed it a first contact with this market. In 1990, it created its second production line, acquired for walls manufacturing once the company was fully integrated and achieved a higher rate of investment growth. Since 1995 PERFIMUR S.A. also manufactures and sells corrugated sheet for covers and walls.

At the beginning of 2009 PERFIMUR S.A. starts a new production line of insulated sandwich panels, self-supporting and with metal sheets from polyurethane to polyisocyanurate. Continuous production process.
Pol. Ind. Camino de los Pinos, s/n. • Apdo. Correos 39 - Telf.: 968 62 83 12 • Fax: 968 62 84 98 • 30565 Las Torres de Cotillas (Murcia) •